DZP-250C Multi-function fully automatic high speed pillow-shaped packing machine
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Product Name :DZP-250C Multi-function fully automatic high speed pillow-shaped packing machine

Product model :DZP-250C

Product about :

DZP-250D(E) type multi-function fully automatic high speed pillow-shaped packaging machine,which is mainly applied to the packaging of the block adopted with aluminum plastic packaging in the industries such as medicine and food etc. It has the function of anti-moisture,dustproof and photonegative,and also enhances the product level and additional value,It can save more than 20% cost than using the manual packaging,and it can combine the aluminum plastic packaging machine and thermal contraction packaging machine to manufacture. 1、Compact and reason able structure, stable and advanced performance,simple and convenient operation. 2、Double frequentcy conversion electric machinery control and stepless variable speed. The length of bag can be set and be cut at any time,no need to regulate for blank operation,just one step,and save the time and film. 3、Adopt interantionally famous electric components,PLC conrol,human-machine interface, with convenient and rapid setting of parameters. 4、The indication for trouble shooting is clear,and the use is more humanized. 5、High sensitive photoelectric eye color code tracking, which can make the sealing position be more accurate. 6、Accurate temperature setting,which is suitable for all varieties of packing materials and enhances the quality or seal. 7、Set the function of positioning power-off, without sticking to the blade and to waste of film. 8、Simple and clear transmission system with more reliable work and more convenient maintenance. 9、All the controls are realized through the soft,which facilitate the function regulation and technology upgrade,and they can also satisfy the production demand in different period. 10、Automatic feeder mechanism on the dosage panel,which is suitable for the automatic feeding for aluminum plastic dosage panel with many kinds of specifications.

Performance,characteristic and main technical data:


The size of finished bags

Max.Width of film

Power of supply

Outline diameter (L x W x H)


30-230 Sacks/min



AC220V 50Hz 2.4kw



  • DZP-250C Multi-function fully automatic high speed pillow-shaped packing machine

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