Fully Automatic Three-side Packing Machine
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Product Name :Fully Automatic Three-side Packing Machine

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● This machine has adopted a PLC programmable controller and matched with Chinese display screens, thus it's easy to operate, convenient in adjustment and super automatic.

● The photoelectric tracking system and two-way compensate function are adopted,ensure the automatic correcting of the double face printing design on the packing bag.It can setup the pouch length directly at the tender side at the same time,and do step-less adjustment to the pouch length at the pouch length range.

● The main body of the machine is full stainless steel pump. Measured with plunger pump,this machine canbe adjusted at will in the rated measuring range. It can fill the liquid and sticky materials,and finish the functions such as bag making,measuring,filling,sealing,cutting, counting,lot number printing.

● Measured by adjustable graduate type,it is accurate in measuring,easy to change.



● It is suitable for automatic packing of loose,non-sticky,granular and thick powder products in the fields of pharmacy,food industry,agricultural ch-emical and daily industry.such aspellet,monoso-dium glutamate,pellet,sugar oatmeal,soup stuff, seed,coffee,instant drink etc.

 ● It is suitable to pack liquid and paste materials in the fields of food industry,pharmacy industry,and daily chemical.Such as peanut butter,ketchup,bee honey,shampoo and so on.



1、Powder Packing Machine

2、Catsup Packing Machine

3、Liquid Packing Machine


Performance,characteristic and main technical data:

Packing speed:30-60(bags/min)

Power:380V 50Hz

Range of measure:50-50g/50-500ml

Total power:900W

Length of bag-making:50-120mm

Weight of machine:200kg

Width of bag-making:40-80mm

Outline diameter(LxWxH):800x700x1500mm

  • Fully Automatic Three-side Packing Machine

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