OC520 Automatic buffer air cushion making machine
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This machine can produce new buffer cushion, known as air bubble bag through inflating, sealing and cutting by two rolls of film. You can adjust the length and the volume of bags according to your needs.

Automatic buffer air cushion making machine is suitable for filling suitcase, handbags and shoes. It can avoid the traditional filling which will make debris. This machine has advantages of simple filling and high efficiency, and can keep nice shape and reliability for suitcace and handbags. In addition, it is also widely used for the transport packaging of gifts, porcelain, furniture, precision instruments, electronics, circuit boards, lighting, connectors and so on industries.



- On line in time- this equipment can move to the production line side freely, and plug in the power

And start produce air cushionand it will not delay the package shipment.

- Good buffering effect  – single air cushion can carry 100kg weight, buffering air cushion and

carton ‘s filling up , and support. The product will not be damaged for movement or shake when transportation, because of the carton inside too much space.

- Reduce material cost – buffering air cushion is made of 99% air and 1% film ( environmentally

Material). Under the same situation, it can save 30%-50% cost compare with other packing

Material. Because the air cushion has too much air, so it can save much material.

- Environmentally – the material (film ) or product ( air cushion) is completely clean, it will not

Pollute any products. And the air cushion can be used duplicately. After the air cushion is damaged

The film can be recycled. It is easy to deal with and will not destroy the environment.

- Easy operation – the machine is controlled by PLC, HMI operation, easy operation. Adjust film

Length , it can produce different models and length ‘s buffering air cushion. No need change the


- Light and economy – no need move and hoard buffering material, save buffering material ‘s

storage space. When ship by air, the freight cost of the paper weight ‘s 6.6 times of the air cushion.

The foam material is 2 times of the air cushion.


Technical parameters

Speed: 12-30 pcs/min  (different size different speed)

Power: 220V, 50HZ, 16A

Machine size: L1600mm×W760mm×H1320mm

Gross weight: 220kg 










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