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Main technical parameters


6 color printing machine



Printing color

6 colors



Maximum material width




Maximum printing width




Maximum mechanical speed

140 m / min



Maximum printing speed

30-120 M / min



Alignment accuracy

longitudinal + 0.15mm  transverse + 0.15mm



Retractable coil diameter

Phi 1000 mm retractable roll / glue cartridge: Phi 76 mm (inner diameter)



Impression force

mechanical adjustment



Landing version

automatic hydraulic lifting and landing



Anilox roller

6 pieces of ceramic roller.



Tension mode

automatic feeding and discharging system is controlled by automatic tension detection system.



Release/take-up mode

using air shaft clamping material, 10 kg magnetic powder 2 sets, and equipped with a 2.2 kW motor combination take-up



Edge correction method

automatic photoelectric correction system



Drying method

 electric heating



Drying power

15KW (special double side blowing, faster drying)




1.1KW * 2 1.5KW * 2



Main motor




Main frequency conversion

speed regulation by frequency converter



Inking motor

decelerating motor (0.2 kW)



Switchboard power

35 kw



Machine size

5800*  3600 * 3500mm


Bearing: Japan NSK one-way bearing German ASNU aluminum alloy guide wheel for hard oxidation, dynamic balance, static balance treatment
Scope of application: film, non-woven, woven bags, paper, etc.
The main features are:
1. simple operation, convenient color registration and long service life.
2. adopt motor, frequency conversion speed regulation, save electricity and run little fluctuation.
3. automatic stop inking motor, automatic start inking device.
4. using synchronous belt drive, printing size is accurate.
5. there are two sets of ventilation and heating devices. The central heating control system and grouping control are adopted.
6. the low rollers are made of special steel and treated by special process, and electroplated with 10 wire thick hard chromium protective layer.
7 aluminum alloy guide wheel for hard oxidation, dynamic balance and static balance treatment.
8 equipped with cold air molding bellows, it can effectively prevent defects such as adhesion after printing.

9. printing image clarity and strong sense of hierarchy

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