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Categories: Packing Machine
Brand: Zhuxin Paper bag machine, film blowing machine
Model: CY2000V Eraser wrapping machine
Application: Small Box
Packaging Type: Small Box

Adjustable Cellophane Film Tridmensional Packer

Clear film packer just wraps the outside surface of hard square in a layer of transparent film with an antifogging ring-pull line. A packed goods applying this machine, beautiful and unconventional in exterior, damp proof, dust prevention or antiforging. Beneficial to improve product packing grade and additive value, also easy to break bale. Suitable for audio-visual tape, poker, medicine and etc.
Attached1: The pull line on the transparent packing film can be printed various color of enterprise sign or name, can bring antifogging laser and phosphorescence (Show fluorescence under shining of ultraviolet rays), is one of the best antifogging methods, is fairly suitable for the package of top class famous products, if applying it, easy to pull seal and break bale.
Attached2: As technical date for these machines may be advantaged in future.
Attached3: We may design a new model depending on the demand from the consumers.

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