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CY-500 Automatic T-shirt Bag Making Machine (one Line)

CY 500 model is for making plastic bags, which can operate at a high speed automatically It is a special bag-making machine which adopts U type bag bottom process, suitable for large, medium sized and small bag-making producers.

This model has the ability of producing film at the speed of 80- 150pc/min which can operate continuously, and stable for along time. It is unnecessary to ask specially- assigned person to operate the machine when it is running. It will stop automatically if the raw material has run out. The key technology was imported from Japan. such as servo drive control, novel structure, reliable performance, high production efficiency, high automatic degree and firm seal, etc. This machine is a new model which is the substitute for the old bag making machine.

CY-500 Automatic T-shirt Bag Making Machine (one Line)

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