We are SJ-45-800 Model Biodegradable Film Blowing Machine suppliers/manufacturers from china factory. We also can produce the SJ-45-800 Model Biodegradable Film Blowing Machine according to the client’s requirement. We are always try our best to become the good SJ-45-800 Model Biodegradable Film Blowing Machine, film blowing machine, blown film machine, blown film machine inline printer, mono layer blown film machine, HDPE LDPE high speed blown film machine manufacturers/suppliers and welcome the customer from all over the world to contact with us.


Screw Diameter: 45mm

Gear Box: 146 Model

Main Motor: 15kw, With Inverter

Winder Station: Center Rewinder, 2 Layer, Each Layer With Air Shaft And With Inverter

Air Blower: With Inverter

Die Head: 30-60mm, Customer Only Can Choose One Size Die Head.

Die Head With Cooling

Screw With 3 Zone Cooling, And With Air Blower

Air Ring: Double Lip Air Ring,

Specially Air Ring Only For Biodegradable Film

With 5pcs Inverter

​Electrical: Schneider

Temperature Controller: Shanghai

Motor: Simens Beide

Spare Parts: Tool Box And Others

Machine Size: 4800x3200x5000mm

Film Width: 800mm, Roller: 900mm

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MOB: +86 13655772222

FAX: +86-577-63778011

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+86 13655772222