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Complete Packing (outside packing box) Equipment Production Line

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Complete Packing (outside packing box) Equipment Production Line

Suitable for single auto package of various box products in drug, health product, food, cosmetics, stationery and office supplies audio-video prod- uct trades. Such as packing box drug, pocker, VCD, tape, cigarette, rubber eraser, napkin paper and etc. On the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign equipment, this machine is designed and reformed refinedly. Take imported number-show transverter and electric cell, stable and reliable in operation,a film seal, smooth and be-autiful. Can take auto parcel, feeding, folding, hot sealing, packing and numbering to goods; paste up antifogging gold drawing-line utomatically. Packing speed can adjust speed steplessly. Changing paper folding plate and a few parts can pack different size (Length, height, width) of box products. Attached1: The pull line on the transparent packing film can be printed various color of enterprise sign or name, can bring antifogging laser and phosphorescence (Show fluorescence under shining of ultraviolet rays), is one of the best antifogging methods, is fairly suitable for the package of top class famous products, if applying it, easy to pull sealand break bale. Attached2: As technical date for these machines may be advantaged in future. Attached3: We may design a new model depending on the demand from the consumers.

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