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Categories: Bag Making Machine

Brand: Zhuxin Paper bag machine, film blowing machine

Model: ZB-1200/2000

FOB port: Ningbo sea port

Terms of Payment: L/C, Western Union, T/T

ZB Series Edge Folding And Rolling Machine:


This machine is one part of the heat cutting machine set, suitable for folding BOPP sheet with such functions as automatic gluing, pearly-lustre film laminating, hobbling and longitudinal sealing (used together with supersonic generator) and opening breaking of roll material (the opening breaking mechanism can be equipped separately). 

ZB Series Edge Folding And Rolling Machine

1) Model: ZB1200 Max. width of base material:1200mm Max.roll speed:60m/min Total power:0.8kw Outline dimension:2400x1500x1500mm Weight:800kg 

2) Model: ZB1400 Max.width of base material:1400mm Max.roll speed:60m/min Total power:1.1kw Outline dimension:2600x1500x1500mm Weight:900kg 

3) Model: ZB1600 Max.width of base material:1600mm Max.roll speed:60m/min Total power:1.5kw Outline dimension:2800x1500x1500mm Weight:1000kg

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