We are GFQ-600-1200 Computer Heat-sealing & Clod-cutting Bag-making Machine suppliers/manufacturers from china factory. We also can produce the GFQ-600-1200 Computer Heat-sealing & Clod-cutting Bag-making Machine according to the client’s requirement. We are always try our best to become the good GFQ-600-1200 Computer Heat-sealing & Clod-cutting Bag-making Machine, plastic bag machine, bag making machine, cutting machine, bottom sealing machine, t shirt bag machine manufacturers/suppliers and welcome the customer from all over the world to contact with us.


Categories: Bag Making Machine

Brand: Zhuxin Paper bag machine, film blowing machine

Model: GFQ-600/1200

FOB port: Ningbo sea port

Terms of Payment: L/C, Western Union, T/T

Possible products: Flat bag, T shirt bag

GFQ-600-1200 Computer Heat-sealing & Clod-cutting Bag-making Machine:


  1. Bottom Sealing Type 

  2. Cold Cutting Type

  3. Max Speed 600pcs/min

  4. The machine is installed with one photocell (SICK, made in Germany) for cutting printed bags. Both plain and printed bags can be cut on this machine. The sealing knife can be easily changed to the knife for making T-shirt bags.

GFQ-600-1200 Computer Heat-sealing & Clod-cutting Bag-making Machine

GFQ-600-1200 Computer Heat-sealing & Clod-cutting Bag-making Machine is designed for making flat bag, pop-up plastic bag and packaging bag. Both gusseted and non-gusseted plastic film can be processed by this machine. This bottom sealed bag making machine is a basic type bag making machine to make flat bags for deli bags, bakery bags and bags for food packaging.
The specially designed bottom sealed bag making machine can load maximum 6 rolls of plastic films at the same time. Maximum output of 6 lanes can reach 600 pcs of flat bags per minute.
In addition to make flat bag from this machine, the machine is available for producing 6 different types of bottom sealed type plastic bag.
By adding automatic punching device, you can produce T-shirt bag, punched handle (kidney shape or oval shape) and calendar bags from this bottom sealed bag making machine.
Manual type punch press device can be added as well.

GFQ-600-1200 Computer Heat-sealing & Clod-cutting Bag-making Machine Possible Product

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