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Categories: Recycling Machine
Brand: Zhuxin
Model: SJ-C(100.110.120)
FOB port: Ningbo sea port
Terms of Payment: L/C, Western Union, T/T
Application: PE/PP printed film rolls, Printed waste bags, Humid prewashed flakes, Waste films.

High Speed Waste Plastics Recycling Machine

SJ-C(100.110.120) waste plastics regenerative pelletizer is used for recycling of the used and waste plastic materials. It equipped with automatic constant temperature, electric changing filter nets. It also can pelletize the crushing material after fitting with a loader. The cutting machine adopts speed regulating motor, which can cut the material according to the feeding speed of the extruder. With such features as high output, low noise, stable performance and easy operation. It is a more ideal waste plastic film regenerative pelletizer. 

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