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Categories: Slitting Machine

Brand: Zhuxin Paper bag machine, film blowing machine

Model: WFQ-1300W

Function: Plastic Film Slitting Machine
Feature: High Speed, High Quality
EPC: Included

Round Knife: Included
Air Shaft: Included
Auto Tension Control: Included

FOB port: Ningbo sea port

Terms of Payment: L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T

WFQ Serie Horizontal High-speed Automatic Slitting Machine:

  1. Horizontal slitting machine 

  2. used for slit plastic roll film, paper, aluminum foil

  3. with tension control

WFQ900-1300W Horizontal Type High-speed Automatic Slitting machine

WFQ Serie Horizontal High-speed Automatic Slitting Machine

Use: This machine is suitable for separating and cutting such various roll mateiale as BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, aluminum foil and paper, etc., and can cut edge, separate and cut materiel according to different requirements during production.

  1. The control system interface is in front and back of the machine, easy operating.

  2. Adopting three-phase asynchronous motor, frequency control can be achieved.

  3. The tension of membrane can be automatically adjusted (discharge using automatic tension control system).

  4. Traction roller with horizontal push cylinder pressure roller, the film does not slip.

  5. Correcting system with a synchronous motor, high precision ball screw, Gabriel photoelectric eyes. Use of linear bearing rails, mobile travel 130mm, automatically correcting the formation of more precise cut.

  6. Using flat knife and round knife cutting.

  7. Waste materials automatic processing device.

  8. Winding automatic processing device.

  9. Coiling axis horizontal axis rotary winding design, Single operation is ok.

  10. With automatic countingr device, operations can be automatically calculated in meters.

  11. Machine all the guide roll can be adjusted to eliminate vertical and horizontal deviation of raw materials.

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