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RZJD-G350J Full automatic high speed sharp bottom paper bag making machine is suitable for varied primary and printed rolling paper, such as Kraft paper, slick paper, coated paper, medico paper and so on. It finishes all procession all in a time consisting: perforating, middle gluing, printed pattern calibration, tube forming, calibration snapping, bottom folding, bottom forming, and collect final product quantitatively. This machine operate easier, working more efficient, and performance more steadily. It is a fantastic machine for full paper bag, paper bag with window, leisure snack bag, bakery bag, fast food bag, dry fruit bag eco-bag and so on.


  1. 1t is suitable for paper between 60-150gsm.

  2. I can control bag length through human-machine interface.

  3. The PLC system can calculate parameters correctly.

  4. It is equipped with an accurate photocell system.

  5. Cut by the point cutter.

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CY-330 Paper Bag Making Machine - Main technical Parameters

CY-330 Paper Bag Making Machine - Important Appliance Element List

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