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Product Name: 
CY-2108A Type Pneumatic Transparent Film 3D Overwrapping Machine (Bringing Antifogging Pull Line)

Product Model: 

Pneumatic Transparent Film 3D Overwrapping Machine

This machine has widely application in the single case or multiple cases (collectively packing) automatically packing of all kinds of products in medicine, healthcare products, foods, cosmetic, stationery, audio & video products, such as the wrap and packaging of box medicine, playing cards, cigarettes, box VCD, cassette, box napkin etc. This machine uses PLC machine-person interface controlling; all the actions are driven by the cylinder, the servo engine control the film feeding, and the specification of the film feeding can be adjusted at any level. It has the features of stable and reliable operation, firm sealing, and even surface. The main fram consists of imported aluminum alloy frame and close organic glass shield, the platform of the machine and all the parts are produced by stainless steel, and are according to the sanitary standard, and have beautiful appearance.

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