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Categories: Film Blowing Machine

Brand: Zhuxin Paper bag machine, film blowing machine

Model: SJ-PP50/65
Brand: Zhuxin

Feature: PP film blowing machine

Material: PP

Inverter: Delta / Shanghai NS

Main Motor: Simens / Nanjing Weinuo

Temperature Control: Omron / Shanghai YATAI

Electric: Schneider / CHINT

Screw: alloy screw / 38 crmoala
Gear Box: Xiaoshan Shuguan

Optional: water chiller. Dryer

FOB port: Ningbo sea port

Terms of Payment: L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T


  1. Material: PP

  2. Width: 100-800mm

  3. Plastic PP film blowing machine

  4. High Quality, one-year warranty


SJ-PP blown film machine mainly pack audio-video tape, toy, disc, magazine, glass, advertising material, camera, painting brush, shoes, sweet food and soon.

PP Blown Film Machine

  1. Composed by three squeezing machines, joint squeezing rotatory die head, system of wind cooling and water cooling, double axial film, double-bubble squeezing productive line, infra-redheating, motor control system and etc. Parts.

  2. Die head and cooling wind ring rotates continuously in order to ensure drawing in and rolling up of film iseven and smooth.

  3. (100-300) changeof die head, applying to blow film with different specifications.

  4. Dispose various functional elements on the spot according to the selection of consumer.

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