We are ZXRY-41000A Printing Machine suppliers/manufacturers from china factory. We also can produce the ZXRY-41000A Printing Machine according to the client’s requirement. We are always try our best to become the good ZXRY-41000A Printing Machine, Flexographic Printer Machine, Taiwan type printing machine, high speed flexo printing machine, Flexible Printer, Printing machine manufacturers/suppliers and welcome the customer from all over the world to contact with us.



  1. Machine structure : the center roller support printing material, color printing no need leave pressure roller, raw material is tightly wrapped around the center impression cylinder      

  2. Tension is stable, register precision.

  3. The whole production Line from unwinding to rewinding use tension closed speed control mode, Max improve products yield.

  4. Doctor blade device : using two-way closed doctor blade, high-speed printing can make exquisite finished products

  5. It is precise structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and strong stability.

  6. The drying method : separated Electric heating box, warm air drying is safety, automatic temperature control

  7. Unwinding device with automatic EPC : unwinding adopts automatic EPC, when stop machine can keep proper tension, so raw material will not off tracking.

  8. Reeling  transmission : High performance motor, correct linkage, constant tension of low friction cylinder device with segment differential wheel.

ZXRY-41000A Printing Machine

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