Buy blown film machine, bag machine, printing machine customers first need to understand the content

First: What products are their own materials (plastic film).
Second: The maximum and minimum dimensions of their products include thickness.
Third: The use of their own products, is used for packaging or do the bag or is the sheet, because the bag and the choice of the model is not the same.
Fourth: The product requirements are not high, there is no printing or with Fumo, etc., the product flatness requirements is not very high, what  type of configuration requirements. 


The Blowing Machine
First: Blown film machine model can be divided according to the width of the general is divided into 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm-3000m range can be customized, the price depends on the model and machine configuration, The higher the price of the machine model.
Second: Blown film machine can also be modeled according to the screw is generally divided into 50, 55, 60, 65 range Bag machine

First: Bag machine and blown film machine according to the width of the model, according to the width of the pricing. There are many types of bag machines, such as supermarket  shopping bags, even bags, garbage bags, clothing bags, flat pockets, Zifeng Dai, different types of bag-making machine is different, the details can be consulted. Our website customer service staff. 


Printing Presses
First: The printing press gravure and relief 2 kinds of printing methods.
Toppan: The advantages of printing ink environmental protection, plate making low cost, electricity and printing ink low cost, can print a variety of materials, such as: film, paper, non-woven, woven bags and other materials, printing, printing materials

Different configurations are different. (Present: letterpress machine development trend is better)

The disadvantage is that the effect of printing film is not as bright as gravure, easy to operate easily.

Gravure: The advantages of printing film experts, the effect is good, high-end gravure printing machine can automatically set the computer color, printing speed, easy to operate, get started faster.

The disadvantage is high electricity, the unit is too long, the ink taste larger, plate making costs are high.





Before the purchase of the first look at the company's image and management  system, the general name of the company can see the beginning of the name, for example, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Ruian City (Ruian City, Wenzhou City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province and belong to the tube, then the beginning of Zhejiang Companies registered capital of 5 million - 1000 million, Wenzhou, the beginning  of the company 100 million -200 million, the beginning of the company registered capital Ryan basic in the 300,000 - 50 million, of course, some of the name of the tail is the factory, such as Ruian a certain machinery Factory, those registered capital of the basic in the 5 to 30 million to start the company, nor is it a lot of Ryan at the beginning or to the end of the factory manufacturers or the company's products will not work, there may be so few are really technical and potential, But it depends on your customers' luck.


Very realistic a problem, the quality of things done well, certainly the price naturally high, all aspects of steel, electrical appliances are poor, the quality certainly not work. Our slogan is: price does not discount, service and quality is not discounted


Some companies are not the same, and some companies may talk about this time to give you less than two thousand, that give you less than 5 thousand, but really give you the time to produce equipment for you to cut corners, the quality will be obvious Can not keep up. There are differences, resulting in poor quality aftermarket, the loss of heavy ah! So buy equipment Ye Hao, Ye Hao equipment to sell, we must carefully consider, to think twice!


We are equipped with equipment behind your ass ran, you run fast, we will follow the back, only you developed, will find us in the production equipment, equipment used well, other relatives and friends to see us Play advertising. This is what we want, what we want. So the quality of after-sales service is the most important. We do a good job, and after sale is also easy, do not have a phone today, a phone call, you follow us also along.

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